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Hyuna Kim
Hyuna Kim

I have question about door to door delivery service.

First of all, I'm sorry about asking in english.. really sorry and thanks.
I hope to use the service of door to door delivery service and I have two quetions about that.
I bought the ticket for going to Nantes from Saint-etienne. I didn't buy direct ticket so I have to transfer; Saint-etienne to Lyon, I will take a TER and Lyon to Nantes, I will take TGV. Even my ticket is not direct one but is it available to ask door to door delivery service?
And next, I'm wondering whether I can ask picking up of my luggage the day after I take train. For example, the date of my TGV ticket is 30th of May. But if I want to send my luggage 5 or 6 of June.. is it possible?
Thank you for reading and I hope to be given answer as possible as soon. Thanks!




You can ask for luggage door to door service whatever travel option you choose, direct or not.
The luggage must be collected within 7 days after your date of travel, after that your luggage voucher will no longer be valid. The delivery must be scheduled 7 days max after collection.

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